NC Act Early

Tips for Providers

The Provider's Role

If you are a service provider who works with families who have young children, you have an important role in educating caregivers and assisting families who have children with developmental concerns.

How can you carefully talk with families about developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

  • Listen to parents
  • If a parent or other professional mentions concerns about a child, do not rule out possible developmental disabilities, including ASD, if you are not an experienced clinician
  • Explain concerning behaviors/red flags before discussing a possible developmental disability or autism with a parent
  • Take a look at the free handouts and materials available through the CDC's website, which can be helpful when discussing a possible developmental delay or disability with families
  • For more helpful tips, view the Autism Speaks Talking to Parents About Autism action kit and video

Education for Providers

To educate yourself about developmental disabilities, including ASD, consider reviewing the following materials:

Other Ways to Participate in Your Community

Providers are encouraged to learn more about and participate in local Child Find efforts in your community. For more information on how to get involved, visit the Child Find website or contact your Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC). Please also feel free to share and distribute information from our website. You can also order free materials from the CDC's Learn the Signs. Act Early. website.